The waiting game

Good evening to you all.

We had a meeting today at Great Ormond street and it was a mutual decision between us and the consultants that Chiane will get no more Chemo (for now).We are all very keen to know what the cancer is doing. Her next MRI is the 22nd of December 2011. There will be 3 scenario’s.

1. The cancer is gone
2. The cancer is stable, not growing but not gone
3. The cancer has spread.

Each of the above 3 scenario’s will have a different “action required”.

The overall feeling was that the cancer IS NOT GONE, but due to radiotherapy, it hopefully haven’t spread.

The overall feeling is that we will be in the middle “grey area”…the likelihood is that the cancer won’t be gone but that it didn’t spread.

It was decided that if the cancer hasn’t spread, that Thiotepa chemo might not be the way forward, but if the cancer has spread, that they will proceed with one more chemo to try and stop it/slow it down with Thiotepa. Thiotepa was neither ruled out, nor confirmed.

So for now… We are playing the waiting game for the next MRI on the 22nd of December. We will then decide on the 23rd of December what will be “best option” as a final push to stop the cancer. More chemo, may be no chemo at all.

In the meantime, we will continue to push for funds to try and raise the £130,000.00 for Chiane’s treatment in the states that is currently not available on the NHS. That will be her last line of medical defense to try and stop her cancer.It might be her last Christmas, and it looks like she will spend it at home and not in hospital.

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