Update 07.12.11

Good evening to you all.

Chiane is doing very well. We are still working around the clock helping Chiane. We are building her immune system and she hasn’t been in hospital with infections for 4 months which is remarkable. Her blood is looking good and her platelets are increasing. Her skin has healed very well and she is much better. Our main focus now is getting her weight up. She lost 2kg since treatment started in July. It’s not a lot, but bear in mind she has grown a lot, which means she is about 3-4 kg under her weight. Our goal is to increase her weight with 0.5 kg a week and we are hitting our weekly targets at the moment.

She is good in herself, and there are two challenges we are dealing with:
1. Constant pain in her left leg and pins and needles in both legs. We are hoping it’s the aftermath of radiotherapy and the brain “recovering” due to the swelling cause by the radiation. If she is still in pain in two weeks time we might have a problem…it was agreed by Great Ormond street that if she is still in pain by her next MRI date (22nd of Dec) that they will scan her legs to see if the cancer has spread. The general feeling is that it is not cancer, but the brain “shrinking after the radiotherapy treatment”.
2. Her feet is still very tight! We have been working for 2 months now to loosen her feet but the Vincristine Chemo really tightened and shortened her Achilles tendon. Chiane will start to sleep with splints during night, time to force and push her muscles. If that fails to work her legs will be put in casts and she will be in a wheelchair for a while. We are working extremely hard on her not to go down this path!

Other than the above… She is all good!

As for marketing, it is really picking up speed now. The general public is becoming aware and it’s down to everyone helping us. There are so many fundraisers going on, it’s overwhelming how many people are involved. If someone calls and say “I have an idea, what if we sell cakes or or or”… We just say go… Don’t even ask, run with your idea! There are so far about seven schools doing fundraising, five churches, friends and family doing all sorts of things. Some organisations are getting involved as well, and the wheels are starting to turn!

A big thank you to everyone that uses initiative and just run with something to raise funds! Thank you!!!

To everyone that has Facebook! Please please I kindly ask, if you are not a friend yet please invite her as a friend! Once a day, just once a day please add in your status Chianes website. The response we get through Facebook is very very good and it cost nothing, and less than a minute of your time! For those of you that don’t have any sponsors in, please please push and get those books filled up! The walk is next Saturday and thank you to everyone supporting her cause!

A lot of you have asked when do we plan to go to the States. The answer is we just do not kno! Everything depends on her scan on the 22nd of December. Only then will we know how long the NHS still plan to hold on to Chiane or not, and for how long if they do.

A few more videos will be released soon covering Chiane’s journey and will be released on you tube. We will let you know when that happens.

Please please we kindly ask for everyone that is helping, do not take your feet of the pedals! Push and spread the word!

I have no doubt what so ever we will get the funds needed before we go to America. The snowball effect is starting to take an effect.

Thank you for your continues prayers and support!


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  1. hey is it ok to use some pictures of chianes facebook to make a movie so i can advertise her condition so i can get people to donate ? please thanks zena x

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