A day of checkup tests

Daddy and I had a very busy day today!!

They did all sorts of tests on me at Great Ormond street hospital and some results were good some were not!


I also had an GFR test (kidneys and my liver)

I had an ECHO SCAN

All my organs are all good!!!!!! Mommy and daddy did a great job protecting my organs with homeopath products. None of my organs have been effective by the chemo or radiotherapy and they are functioning at 100%!!!!!!!!! that’s VERY VERY GOOD NEWS!

However, my ears have been effected and I lost a lot of hearing. Daddy and mommy told the doctors today they will fix it, and they need a week to do it! I have another audio test next week on the 20th of December to test my ears again.

Another test I had today was dental. The docs are very happy with my teeth! I have no infections and the chemo or radiotherapy did not effect my gums at all or my mouth. They were berry happy and shocked that my teeth were that good!!!!!

My lungs have improved!!! They should have been effected by the chemo and radio and it wasn’t! Woop woop!!!!

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