Update 19.12.11

Good evening to you all…

Chiane is doing very very well and we are working extra hard to get her weight up. Our target is for her to gain 0.5kg per week and we are just under that target every week for the last 2 weeks. She is still on loads of supplements, homeopath products,

We are working extremely hard to get her feet loose as it’s still a concern to us.

The walk the weekend went very well! We raised an estimated £27,000.00. I will confirm the final figure once all the sponsor money has come in. Thank you to Martin, Terry, Sherri, Sanel and her partner for doing the walk with me. It was a very charitable and honourable thing you have done! More so, thank you to every one that sponsored our walk and thank you to the volunteers that got the donations in for us!

Here is another article news article that gave is some publicity.

Chiane’s MRI date was moved to tomorrow (20th of Dec) at 2pm. We will first do a hearing test at 11am as her gearing test was very very bad last week. We did some work our end and we will see tomorrow if the results are still the same…

On Wednesday (21st of Dec) we will be meeting the specialists at Great Ormond street hospital to discuss her MRI results and her lumber punch results (at 3:30pm). Based in those tests, future treatment will be discussed, if any, chemo, if so, what chemo’s and for how long… Fingers crossed we have good results!!!!!!!!

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