Carol Singing

Carol singing at Enfield Town Centre

When I was collecting sponsorship for the ‘Sponsor a Star’ event, I asked a lot of people at school to sponsor me. One girl, Emma, came up to me a couple of weeks later saying she wanted to organise some carol singing for Chiane as her story had touched her so much. I agreed to help her as it is such a worthy cause.

It took a lot longer than we anticipated to organise, but after about 20 phone calls to goodness knows how many people, we were finally allowed to carol sing somewhere! That somewhere was Enfield Town centre. It was all very last minute but eight of us were there, standing in the freezing cold, with our Santa hats, special t-shirts and tinsel covered buckets ready to sing carols. We had over three sheets of songs, ranging from the traditional ‘Away in a Manger’ to ‘Santa Claus is coming’ to Town’. The two hours were full of mishaps, including a bee attacking our bright yellow buckets, seeing lots of people we knew and being told to move by a security guard- in our defence we didn’t know that where we were standing wasn’t public pavements!

Even though we got very cold and our throats by the end were quite sore, we were very glad we did it for such an amazing little girl. We raised £167.67 so we knew those two hours of coldness were worth it! Thank You to all the other girls who turned up!

Thanks for all the help!


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