High dose Thiotepa started today

Good evening to you all.

Thank you do much for all the Facebook and email support. Apologies for not replying yet – it has been extremely busy at hospital and we plan to address Facebook and entails within the next few days.

Chiane was taken off phenytoin cold turkey on Friday…it was an intense weekend but no seizures. What a relieve! Sunday’s blood results shown zero levels of phenytoin which was a green light for us to start High dose Thiotepa today. Her bloods were very good on Sunday. Chiane is doing very very well so far. Her spirit is high and we are now waiting to ride the waves…She started Thiotepa today, and will receive Thiotepa for the next 3 days until Wednesday. Then, on Friday she will get her first stem cell transfusion back (which was harvest middle last year and frozen). As for side  effects, we are waiting.  Which ever one comes first we will deal with side effects as and when they hit her. She is now in complete isolation and we keep her mentally and physically busy as best as she wants. We don’t do more, or ask more of her. We let her guide us as to how much she wants to do.

So far, so good!

Thank you for all the emails, prayers and words of support and wisdom!


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