The hard work begins now

After breakfast, daddy and I was doing some painting this morning to keep ourselves busy and I had a lot of fun.


Then I had school. I do must of my school work on the laptop and my teacher was very happy with my homework. Most of the year one homework was very easy!!!! Some people asked me why I do school work if I’m this ill! I am planning to beat my cancer and I do not want to behind my class mates when I go back. So, cancer or not, sick or not, i will have school everyday in hospital. Not having school means giving up and I still have a lot of fight in me!!!!! This cancer thought it will have it easy with me but I am giving it the fight of its life!!!!! Hahahahah

I am getting my shadow back for 3 days. I haven’t had a shadow since September! For those who doesn’t know what a shadow is, it’s my Chemotherapy machine and drip! It follows me everywhere even when I have to go to the toilette.

Because I did so well today and because I worked so hard, I was rewarded with my favourite fruit shoot juice! I am ready and my chemo has started.

My shadow is following me and the reeeaaallllyyyy hard work begins now. LOTS AND LOTS OF CREAM TO PROTECT MY SKIN. Bathing bathing bathing!!!! Keep my skin clean and moist at the same time.

Daddy installed my air purifier in my room and I now only breath in clean air! No germs or infections in the air my room! Woop woop!

We are waiting for the hospital electricians to inspect it and hopefully they will approve it!

Tomorrow the chemo will start to hit me but what’s a little pain if you fight for your life?

Thank you mommy for bringing me delicious cooked food in to hospital every day!!!

Thank you everybody who are praying for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots and lots of love!!!

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