High dose chemo (phase 1) complete

Good evening to you all.

Chiane came off the chemo today. She started on Monday. She has a rough ride ahead of her.

She picked up a viral and bacterial infection already and she is ill, very ill.

Fevers kicked in but it is now under control to a degree. Chiane will be moved from the Elephant ward tonight to the Robin ward for the duration of her treatment as her care has now intensified. Things are a little tricky now and a lot of doctors had to put their heads together. Chemo is at least over, but the real tricky part lays ahead. Within the next few days the chemo will hit her hard (it already started hitting her). She is going through a lot of clothes, getting lots of cream after each bath. Her skin is starting to hurt when I put cream on her. Mouth sores are starting to come out, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.

Chiane got ill very quickly, but side effects are manageable (so far). There are a few concerns, specially the bacterial infection. The last 2 nights were very very long nights, especially last night trying to break her fever. She puffed up a little bit. Chemo continued today despite fevers etc… It’s tough on her but she is staying very strong.

How is she in herself? Good. She is still laughing and smiling and we are making a lot of jokes. Her cheeks and eyes are getting really puffy and I told her to stop sneaking off at night time when I’m asleep. I told her she is not allowed to sneak off to boxing rings anymore! Hahahahahah

She is doing very good, taking into account the circumstances she is in and the type of chemo she just got. The biggest challenge would be to keep her busy…8 weeks in an isolated room is a very small space, for a very long time, for a child her age….

If things do not improve, and her body do not react well to the drugs, we might have a very very serious problem on our hands. I told Chiane to buckle up as it will be a rough ride ahead. She said she is more than ready for whatever comes.


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