Feeling better

Good evening everybody!!!

I feel much better!!!! We have been working very hard the last few days to get me through the Thiotepa and I am much better now. I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT BATHING ONCE A DAY! For all my friends that don’t want a bath in the evenings, thank your stars you only have to do it once a day! I will be too happy to have only one bath a day again.

The last 2 days were very hard for me but I am all better!!!!!!

This was me Friday evening!

And this is me this afternoon! Less than 48 hours since the previous picture! I will let daddy share all the boring stuff in his update as to what we did! I want to share all the exciting stuff!!!!!!

The last 2 days in between my busy schedule daddy and I did lots of art and craft work! I painted a lizard and it can move!!!!!!!

I also painted a canvas but it’s not finished yet!

I started making a puppet last night that looks like a tiger and I finished my lizard!

I did all the painting myself!

This morning I finished my tiger puppet and I made a teddy puppet as well. Daddy helped me a little with the sewing but I did the rest myself.

Day 4 After my chemo and I started eating this evening! Yes!!!!!!!! We are doing a lot of medicines again and I am feeling already much better! I just had my bath and cream. It is time for me to go to bed. I just want to let everyone know that I am already doing so much better and daddy said he will do an update later tonight.

Thank you everyone that is still praying for me! Lots of love Chiane!

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