Chiane in a lot of pain

Good evening to you all.

Today is day 10 after Chiane’s chemo. As most of you already know, day 10 is what we consider to be the low point. From there… Hopefully… She should get better and recover.

The last few days we have been quiet as we have been extremely busy. How is Chiane doing? It hit her extremely hard… She had the odd good day here and there but the evening just before her birthday until now… She has had a very very rough ride.

Her mucositis got worse. Her chest and throat is very very sore due to the mucositis. Good news is that her mouth looks very good.

Her skin is intact! Skin specialists had a look at her yesterday and were very impressed. They stated that Chiane looks very good compared to what they are familiar with and have seen in the past.

The bad news is…she is in unbelievable pain… She is on the highest dose of morphine that she can handle at her age, and she is on a second pain relief medication… Still it’s not enough. She has severe stomach pains which I’ll explain in a minute.

She came off feeding and it’s now Nul-by-mouth as Chiane vomited blood the last few days.

Ultra sounds and x-rays revealed a lot of her organs have inflammation. They dropped a bombshell that they might have to remove her appendix in 10 days!!!!!

They can’t operate now as her bloods are wiped out – she has no platelets whatsoever, it’s zero… I thought to myself this can’t be happening… She is trying to recover from Thiotepa chemo which is the daddy of all daddy chemo’s… Then on top of that she might need an operation to remove her appendix. Then she has to recover from that as well and get ready for more Thiotepa… With a skin that’s not healed. A lot of questions and I have no answers yet. Time will tell in the next few days what when where etc.

Chiane still has constant fevers, and she is on 3 different anti sickness medications which have little effect as she still vomits.

It’s been a really tough few days on her and she is for the most part…extremely quiet. She said only 3 words today. She sleeps a lot and when she is awake she is in pain. It’s tough…watching her.

YET SHE STILL DOES NOT COMPLAIN OF PAIN! Not once… We keep asking her where it hurts and she will point… But she doesn’t tell us unless we ask.

Thank you everyone for all the birthday emails, text messages, phone calls and Facebook messages. Apologies for not replying but hopefully everyone will understand.

Keep praying with us please…


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