LOADS OF PAIN! But I’m a tough cookie!!!!

Good evening everyone

I hope you are all doing well. We had a lot of fun today. I still feel very sick and vomit a lot. My tummy is really hurting and aching loads. But, that did not stop us from having fun today!

Me painting daddy’s mask! It’s still in progress but we will take a pic once it’s all done

This is me with a crazy hair style! We really made my room all messy but it was loads of fun!!!

A nurse and I played hospital today and I pretended to be the nurse!

Me feeling much better today but I’m still in LOADS OF PAIN! But I’m a tough cookie!!!!

Mommy and I had some girly time yesterday and I painted my toe and finger nails. I also painted mommy’s nails!

I joke with daddy today and told him we need to watch my hair today! Hahhahahahahhahahhaahahahah

Daddy and I played princesses today and I wanted to wear a crown but have no hair! NO PROBLEM!!!!!

Wait for the best part! Daddy also had to be a princess and I also had to be a princess!

Daddy was wearing boobies and I dared him to walk like that in hospital with ear rings, a crown and the wand… And guess what my daddy did!!! It was so super funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daddy was walking through hospital and all the nurses and doctors were laughing! Daddy even walked like a girl! Hahhahah hahahahahahhahh

Thank you everyone who are praying for me! I really can’t wait to get better as I miss every one so much!!!!!!!

I got to go now because it’s time for my bath! Night night everybody!!

Love Chiane

About Our Butterfly Girl

Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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  1. Morgane Monjauze

    Hi Chiane!!
    Yay!! I was do happy when I heard you felt alot better! You sure are
    A tough cookie just like you said!!! Even though ive never met you,
    I feel as though ive known you for ages!! That is because you are
    Very special! The first day I heard about you, I knew you were special!!!
    All my love,

  2. that must of been so much fun! i am sure your brother was delited to come see you!! he must love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the bravest girl ever!!! your message touched me and i bet it touched everyone else aswell! when i looked at the girl in the photoes i thought that it was a princess!
    you are so cute!!
    lots and lots of love,
    Morgane xxx

  3. Hi Chiane,
    i have been thinking of you always! as i said before i could not do anything that doing!!!
    i wish i could wave a wand and you would be better!! you have the heart of a lion!!!!
    stay brave, and hang in there!
    Morgane xxx

  4. Morgane Monjauze

    Hi Chiane!
    I hope you feel better soon, but I was laughing
    My head of at the idea of your daddy trying to be a princess!
    I have a stich now!!! Hope you had fun in your bath too!
    Don’t forget I am doing a fundraising on Monday for you!
    You will beat cancer!!!! Lots of Love,
    Morgane xxx

  5. well done princess you are doing so well keep it up and daddy looks good with boobies and a crown ha ha ha ha xxxxxx

  6. Catherine Masterson

    You are amazing. I hope you get to come to Texas soon. I bet it looks a lot different than England.

  7. Wow Chiane, looks like so much fun! And guess what, my nails are painted purple too!! You are so brave and so strong, even while in pain you are still smiling 🙂 keep it up sweetheart!xx

  8. Wow Chiane, looks like so much fun! & guess what, my nails are painted purple too!! You are so brave and so strong, even while in pain you can still smile 🙂 keep it up sweetheart xx

  9. Emily demosthenous

    Your so inspirational ❤
    Get better soon honey xxx

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