A weekend full of suprises!

Good evening everybody!!!!!!

It started snowing last night and I really really wanted to play in the snow but I was not allowed out of my room so mommy got a plan! She brought snow to me!!!

It was really really nice playing with snow on my bed!!!!

We did a lot of art work the last 2 days and we build a few puzzles! I like puzzles and painting!!

I got the BIGGEST surprise ever today!!!!! My brother visited me in hospital. Mommy and daddy had to get special permission and I didn’t know! My brother woke me up and I was sooooo soooo happy!!!!!!! We miss each other so much!!!!!

My brother waking me up!

Daddy washed my dresses and I wore one today. I felt so beautiful!!!!

My brother stayed for 2 hours then it was time for him to go home again. It was so good to see my brother again!! Hopefully we will see each other very soon again! It was a very big surprise!! We had so much fun and we laughed a lot!

After my brother left, daddy and I played hide and seek! I can’t really move to hide a lot because I have a very big shadow! So daddy had to pretend that he is looking for me hahahahah

It was fun though!

Can you find me?

Thank you for all my emails! Daddy reads every one to me but it’s hard to reply to everyone! Thank you for everyone who are praying for me and supporting me!!!

Lots and lots and lots of love!!!

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