I am looking after the nurses!

I wanted to do something for the nurses today. Mum said the nurses looks after everybody and makes everybody feel better, but nobody looks after them. I decided that I want to check up on the nurses and give them biscuits to make them feel better. I put on my nurses outfit, then went to the nurses desk to do some obs on them.

Taking a walk down the corridor to the nurses desk.

I took their temperatures, looked into their mouths and gave them biscuits to feel better

This is my blood and ops book that the nurses use! I inspect it and I am getting much better woop woop!

Back in my room!

I am feeling better day by day and I can’t wait to go back to elephant ward so that I can get visitors again!

Thank you for all my emails daddy reads every one to me! Just as you all thought I am too ill I come back to entertain you all again hahahahahah!

Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!! And thank you to everyone supporting me, my brother, mommy and daddy!

Lots of love

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