Chiane recovering well

Good evening to you all.

Chiane is recovering well so far. Her skin held well and it’s pealing now (not breaking down! – pealing)…

Her blood counts are slowly but surely starting to climb, but as soon as her body develops new blood cells, it is getting absorb by her body and use to repair almost all her organs, not to mention her bone-marrow etc. for a while we will see her bloods bounce between the 0.1 mark and the 1 mark (neutrophils and white blood cells); her platelets hover at the 20-40 mark. Some days her blood counts go up, the next day they are down! Her body is craving new cells to repair itself! Once most repair work is done we will start to see a climb in her blood counts.

Mucositis is still there in the gut but it is slowly healing. Bleeding in her gut is gone. Her skin is not hurting anymore. Appendicitis is gone.

Over the next 10 days we will slowly introduce feeding to Chiane. We will start getting her off all the antibiotics and pain control as she is getting better now. Within the next 10 days, we should see a massive positive change in her blood counts.

Mentally and emotionally she is doing extremely well. She is ready to get out of her room like a cannonball out of a cannon. There is no school this week as its school holiday.

She is doing extremely well!

Thank you for your continues support, prayers and best wishes.


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