Chiane recovering slowly

Good evening to you all.

Chiane is recovering slowly but she is much much better than a week ago. Chiane is in very little pain most of the time but she has moments when she is still in a lot of pain. Morphine has been reduced over a period of time and she is on very little morphine at the moment. She has some days with no pain at all, and then the odd night where she is in constant pain.

Her blood counts are recovering slowly but it’s going in the right direction. She still doesn’t eat. We started feeding her directly to her gut with her PEG and we increase it daily with 2ml. She is at the moment on 15 ml an hour.

Our main focus at the moment is to get her to start eating. It’s a slow process and we will get there. Other than that, she is doing very well in herself.

Chiane will be going home this Friday and we will take some hospital machines with us to continue feeding over night time while she sleeps and 3 times during the day (breakfast/lunch/dinner). The rest of the time during the day she will be free and not connected to any machines. Once she starts eating, only then will we stop feeding through the gut.

We only bath her once a day now and cream her twice a day.

Next week will be an important week. Chiane will have an MRI next we to establish what her cancer is doing.

We want to get Chiane home ASAP where she can recover better than in hospital. It will do her good to be home and to run around like she should do as a child.

Although Chiane will be coming home this Friday, it does not mean by all means that she is allowed to get visitors. She is still very very ill, her blood counts are extremely low and our challenge will be:
1. not for her to get sick and end up at her local hospital.
2. Get her to starting eating.
3. Build her body up.

We therefore kindly ask people to be patient re visiting her at home. She has virtually no immune system what so ever and we are getting the house ready for her to come home. We won’t allow anyone to visit her until her neutrophils are at least 1. We will draw her bloods in a daily basis to get it tested and as soon as its 1, we will let you know.

She should not be coming home as yet. The fact that she is coming home doesn’t mean she is all fit to have visitors. We are taking her home as she needs it and we feel she will recover quicker at home. However, visitors will do her very good and we will give the green light as soon as she is out of the danger zone!


Thank you for your constant prayers, support and help.


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