I’m going home!

Hi everybody!!!!!!

I am going home Friday!!!!! YYYYEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!

I have made a few more things! A nurse puppet.

My favourite is an angel I with bells hanging below it. I hang it on my shadow and every time I walk with my shadow or move around with my shadow it makes bell noises! Hahahahahahhahh

And a doll that I started making!

I am feeling much better but I still don’t feel hungry. My tummy is all better and I only get pain in my legs (now and then).


My brother visited me today again but only for a short while! I was sooo happy and excited to see him!!!!!!

First I fed my brother and then we played!

We were silly and we had a lot if fun playing in my room.

I’m still connected to my machine 24/7 and daddy did a good job not getting my machine in the photos! I can’t wait to get off the machine! It’s been 36 days now that I’m on a machine!

Thank you for all my emails daddy reads them all to me!!! Thank you for all the prayers and everyone still donating!!!!!

Lots and lots of love!


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