Chiane Diary update 29 Feb 10pm

Good evening everybody!

I am sending only one email update tonight because it is late.
My days are very busy! Although I am home at night time, I’m going every where during the day.
I’ve had so many transfusions I lost count.
This morning I had a platelets transfusion at my local hospital and we got home at 2 pm.
When we got home we got a phone call to go to the city at great Ormond street hospital for a MRI scan at 5 pm.

We left Great ormond street at 7 pm we had to go back to my local hospital for more blood transfusions.

I’m home now and it’s almost 10 pm!

The good news is that I can get visitors as my neutrophils are above 1!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow daddy and mommy will meet the consultants at great ormond street hospital to discuss my MRI results and if i should get more chemo. Please pray that my scan is clean and there is no cancer anymore!

If you want to visit me please let daddy know. We can’t plan days ahead because every day I’m all over and every thing depends on my blood count which are taken every day.

I would love to get visitors and to see all my friends!!! I’m so excited!!!!

It’s time for bed. Good night every one and hopefully tomorrow we will get the best news ever!!!!!!!

Lots of love.

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