Martha’s Krispy Kreme Sale

Martha’s Krispy Kreme Sale

Martha and 10 of her friends held a Krispy Kreme sale, it was a big success and they raised £310!

Message from Martha:
We held a Krispy Kreme Sale last week and myself and about 10 of my friends managed to sell 35 boxes (dozen in each) of doughnuts and we raised £310!!! I sold them at Dame Alice Owens and at 1st Grange Park Girlguiding. Even if people didn’t buy a doughnut they still donated as they were astonished by Chiane’s bravery, especially for a six year old!


Krispy Kreme has a great way of raising funds. If you are interested in doing a similar fundraiser to Martha’s, go to Krispy Kreme’s website for more details.

Well done to Martha and her friends for the hard work!

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