2nd Round of Thiopeta begins

Good evening to you all,

The HLA match platelet transfusion had a huge and positive impact on Chiane. By Friday evening her platelet count went up to a 100 and her neutrophils went above 2 which was fantastic news. Chiane gained in a few days (Thursday to Saturday) 1.5 kg. she got her appetite back and by Sunday she was eating like she use to eat. The above was all very positive signs for us that her body was recovering fast and quickly.

The 3 important factors we were waiting for was a platelet level above 100; neutrophils above 1, and weight gain. She reached all 3 by the weekend. More importantly, is that body reacted to platelet transfusions which is vital for when she starts bleeding during Thiotepa.

After reviewing all the medical reports and after lots and lots of discussions between me and Andia, we decided not to wait any longer. We therefore gave the green light to start the 2nd round of High Dose Thiotepa. We are a little more prepared this time and we learned a few lessons during the first round of Thiotepa. We therefore feel we would be able to support Chiane better regarding all the side effect.

However, Chiane’s body is not as strong and as prepared as the first round which means this will be one tough journey and it will hit her extremely hard. Harder than the first round. We did sit down with Chiane on Sunday and ask her how she would feel to go through Thiotepa again and her words were: “let’s do it and get it over with”.

Chiane is mentally in a good place but this round is going to be rough. She knows it and she is prepared and she knows what to expect. She started yesterday with High dose Thiotepa, had more today and it will finish tomorrow. On Friday she will get her CD34 cell transfusion. Then comes the long journey… She will first go down hill and will hit rock bottom. Then the slow recovery process will begin. We were on hospital for 6 weeks last time. We suspect to be here a bit longer this time. If we are out of hospital in 8 weeks we will be relieved. This decision was not taken lightly and there was a lot of discussions Monday morning before she started at 2 pm.

Chiane has a lot of photos and she will update her diary tomorrow. Thank you all for your continues support,  fund raising and prayers.


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