The start of my chemo, visits from a clown and even Gruffalo!

Monday Afternoon was a busy day!
I had jacket potato with tuna!

Then my chemo started

I had a play therapist visiting me

And then it was time for school like daddy say, ‘business as usual’. I am learned how to read the time at the moment.

Tuesday was the very much the same except I didn’t go to the park
I had chemo in the morning

After lunch it was school again


And I had a visit from a clown! He was very funny!!!!

Tuesday afternoon I had a visit from the Gruffalo. We met before on ITV breakfast show on TV when I was on TV. The Gruffalo was there the same morning on TV. He remembered me!!!

Today is my last day of Chemo. By Sunday I will be very ill! Then it will be a long fight in hospital for my life. I will bleed again, my tummy will start hurting a lot again and my skin will burn. 5 baths again like last time, 5 pair of clothes a day!  Lots and lots of cream! Sleepless nights and a lot of pain!

What’s a little pain if you fight for your life and this is my last chemo after almost a year of fighting my cancer. I will be in hospital for 8 weeks and hopefully I will make it through this chemo. I saw winter and I can see spring in the air. Hopefully I will soon see summer, if I do, then it means I survived my chemo. I have no plans of giving up and I will fight my cancer to the end!

Thank you for your prayers!!!! This last chemo will be very hard and I will get extremely ill. I will hopefully see you all on the other side in a few weeks. That’s the plan! Hahhahahahahah!

Lots of love


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