What is happening after my chemo

On Friday i got my CD34 cells back.

Over 15 billion cells I got in 15 minutes. Everyone was running around to get everything ready. Once those CD34 cells are out if the freezer it’s only 15 minutes before the cells starts dying. It was busy in my room! Hahahah
The very red bag in the pic is my CD34 cells that was harvest last year and frozen.

One thing that makes a huge difference is my new sheep skin I sleep on! It is SUPER soft and comfy!!! It helps my soar skin so much it feels like I’m not even laying on my skin.

I know it sounds weird, but last time I could feel my skin as it was very sensitive to lay on my skin. Now, I don’t feel it all and I also sleep better!!!! The best is that it’s pink!!!!! I also have a purple bag on my tummy that keeps my pain away.

And of course daddy had to take photos of me while I slept! What can I say, I love to snuggle my teddy bears when I sleep!!!!! I sleep on them and love it to be covered by them! The secret is out!




I had a busy day today! I met Dr. Matty and his nurse again to discuss the hospital cases and what he has to do for all the different patients!

This afternoon daddy and I were playing football in the hospital (we are so naughty!).

Although I am not in isolation I can’t have visitors as yet. I have no illnesses or infections and daddy is running a very tight ship! The next 2 weeks will get rough but I am doing much better than last time (so far).

Thank you to everyone who are still fund raising. Thank you for all the emails and prayers!!!!

Lots of love!


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