Chiane recovering very well afer Thiotepa

Good evening to you all.

Chiane is doing brilliant. This is her 3rd week in hospital and she is doing better than 9 weeks after her first chemo.

She has no infections, her skin didn’t break. Only 1 small sore on her tongue. Her gut is hurting a little bit, but she has no inflammation. She is doing so good, we started feeding to her gut. She has no bleeding in her stomach.

She flying through the side effects. Her blood counts are shockingly and remarkably very high. Her platelets ate 67, her red blood cell count above 9 and her white blood cell are above 4! Her neutrophils are above 7, it’s as good as that of a healthy child that never had chemo.

She should not have these blood results. Her bloods were not even this good 9 weeks after her first round of chemo… It’s been 3 weeks. The consultants are stunned with words and so are we. Her skin care is 1000% and we are not taking our feet of the care we give her. She baths frequently, we cream her at least 5 times a day. We do more and more and we push ourselves harder to help her cope. Chiane is on a lot of homeopath medicines. We made lots of changes, most were small changes but many.

Based on her blood counts, she is good to go home. However, we only started feeding 2 days ago and we are taking it slowly. We don’t want to push too hard and cause her to get infections in her gut. If all goes according to plan she will be home as soon as her gut copes with volume feeding. Then we can continue the feeding at home with the machine we have and get her back on solid food as soon as we can.

Chiane did better this round then most children do with their first round. Surprisingly the consultants sat down with us and discuss the regime we followed and GOSH are planning to put it forward in their standard of care for parents who’s children receive high dose Thiotepa.

Chiane is still on morphine, but compare to last time… She is in very little pain.

Thank you for your constant support, prayers and help with fund raising.


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