On the way to recovery from last chemo!

Good evening everybody!!!

I am doing much better!!!! I am still hurting but it’s much better than last time! I made a butterfly and lots of other things the last few days.

It was my brothers birthday yesterday and I was sooooooo happy to see him!!! He visited me in hospital!!!!!

It looks like he is boring me but he is not, he was laughing! We miss each other so much!!!!! I was so glad my brother was at hospital! It’s so funny Estian thinks the hospital is my home!!! Hahahahah

Every morning I get a complete look over. They check my skin from by toe to my head. They listen to my tummy and check to make sure I am doing good. My skin doesn’t hurt anyone. I am SO happy that I am doing so good!!!

I made a new friend Sophy. Sophy just started on the Mylan Treatment that I am almost finish with. She is 1 year older than me and she is so nice!!! I really like her!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone that has and still pray so hard for me!!!! I am doing fantastic!!!!!

Lots of love


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