So many activities!

Hallo everybody!!!!
I have met some action men and women and it was so cool!!!!!!!!!

Daddy turned me in to an Alien and I chased him around in the hospital

Mommy giving me a foot massage with strawberry cream!!!!!

I have made a butterfly and and flower for mommy

I made a doll for Estian

And a card for daddy!!

I came off my machines yesterday for a few hours. I lost my shadow as I call it and we went for a walk. It was sooo nice feeling the sun on my skin!! Fresh air and we had a nice time in the park!

Today we went again for a walk outside the hospital and I know I’ll be going home soon! It’s such a good feeling knowing I have survived my chemo!!! Thank you to everyone who have been praying so hard for me!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Shaw run the London Marathon today to help with my fundraising! Thank you Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still bathing a lot, but it is now only twice a day!!!

Thank you to everybody for praying for me so hard and constantly! I feel very very good!!!!

Lots of love, cuddles and kisses!!!
Chiane! Xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooo

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