Chaine making good progress

Good afternoon every one.

We are making good progress. Chiane is off the morphine and although still in pain, we managed the pain with normal paracetamol and oralmorph which we use at home.

We are slowly increasing the feeding to her gut each day and taking Chiane off the TPN slowly. Once Chiane is off TPN and only on feeding to her gut, we will be going home. We can then continue the care at home.

She is doing very well. Each day she has more and more freedom to run around and be her old self again. I have taken Chiane now, a couple of times to a park for a few hours. Then we go back to hospital and continue the feeding to her gut. I would say this coming Friday Chiane should be home.

Chiane is still getting lots and lots of platelet transfusions and I except it to continue at our local hospital once she is home. It will be a slow recovery at home but compare to the previous high dose Thiotepa, Chiane did much better this round.

When we went the park, I had flash backs of our very first visit to this park. We had a nice long chat in the park today and we sat on the same garden bench as we did last year end of June when she first started treatment and us breaking the news to her that she has cancer. I asked her how she felt now that we came to the end of this phase of her fight against cancer and she said: “it was like you said daddy, like tennis, we only focused on 1 ball at a time and we dealt with each ball as it was thrown at us. 9 months ago you told me we will take one day at a time and 9 months felt like a life time…. now it’s over and it flew by so quickly”. She is very proud with herself and what she did, the fears she overcome to do radiotherapy without aneastetics, drinking lots and lots of homeopath medicines, changing her eating habits. The list was endless and we both just sat there and I could see her mind was running back to our first day here. She had a big smile on her face and said:”I’ve grown up haven’t I?” I just laughed and said to her she has no idea just how much she has grown and I added… Boyfriends are still off the list in my eyes! She just laughed!

On our way back Chiane asked me what comes next. I said to her we will go home, rest, get her body back on track and get her strong enough to fly. Then we will discuss the next step as we have 3 countries to visit, USA, Germany and the Philippines. She just said she is ready for whatever comes next.

Thank you for your continues support, prayers, emails and help with fundraising.


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