Good afternoon to you all,

This email will be one of many updates during the course of the next few days. We will send another update tomorrow, and another one on Friday. We have a lot of information to share and some breaking news. We decided its best to share all this in separate updates and discuss each “topic” on its own during the next few days, as some are complex and will require us to explain it in much more detail. We decided to discuss Chiane’s health as things stand today. Tomorrow we will go in to detail regarding Chiane’s genes, and on Friday the Burzynski clinic.

There is so much going on at the moment, it feels like our heads are about to explode with information coming out of our ears.

First of all, Chiane is doing extremely well at the moment. Feeding is still a nightmare, but we are not pushing solid foods too much. Her gut is still recovering, therefore we are taking things slowly. She is on a feeding machine during the night as well as few hours during the day. Chiane still vomits on the odd occasion, and she is still in a lot of pain. Her bloods however are remarkably well! We expected to be in hospital every 2 days receiving platelet transfusions but as yet, have not been to our local once for transfusions! Her red blood count is 10.9, white blood count is 5.3, neutrophils are 4.1 and platelets are 68!!!!!!! Her blood counts are going up, unsupported (meaning without any transfusions). As you can see her immune system (white blood and neutrophil counts are extremely good!). Taking everything into consideration, Chiane is doing very very well!

Secondly, Chiane will be on TV next week. For those of you in the UK, or anyone that have access to BBC, I just wanted to let you know that we had a confirmation of the date the oncology documentary will air – it’ll be on BBC2, 8th of May at 9pm titled ‘A difficult line’. Please watch it. For those who don’t have access to the BBC outside of the UK, we will upload the documentary next week on her website for you to view.

Hold on to your seats, the next 2 updates (yet to come) are going to contain a lot of information regarding Chiane’s condition and future. We are holding back due to further meetings at GOSH tomorrow. Once we have had these meetings tomorrow we will share what the future holds for Chiane’s fight against cancer.

A very big thank you to Carl and Andy that started a world tour on their motorbikes to raise funding for Chiane.

They’ve started this week in Manchester in the UK, are now in France and making their way through Europe to Russia. From there they will go by boat to The States and end their fund raising world tour in New York. Good luck gents and thank you! You can follow their journey on Chiane’s website:

Thank you for your continues support, prayers and emails.


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