Operation is over. My PEG was removed.

Good afternoon everybody. I had an operation today and my PEG was removed! I was so happy that my PEG came out. I had it for almost a year and it was used to feed me when I could not eat by myself.

This was taken just as I came out of theater.

These were taken as I woke up but I fell asleep again.

This is Zoe. She is my favourite nurse. I know Zoe from the very first night I arrived at great ormond street hospital. She took care of me the very first night I arrived at midnight on the 21st of June 2011. It was really good to see her before I left hospital today, and after my operation.

I am back home and I am doing well. My wound will heal and in a few days I’ll be running around again. I saw the pictures of my MRI today, and although there is something there, we don’t know what it is. The fight continues and I am not giving up!

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Lots of love
Chiane xxxxxx

About Our Butterfly Girl

Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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