Update 03.10.12

Good afternoon to you all
Chiane is doing well under circumstances. We are currently doing hyperbaric oxygen and lots of homeopath medications. Chiane is still on a very strict organic nutrition intake.  We have done blood tests last week to review both Chiane and Estian’s genes again. Hopefully the latest Gene report will have more positive results. We are working hard to alter the protein levels of the MLH1 gene.
Chiane has been in casts for 2 weeks now. Every week she gets new casts to push her feet in to the correct position. She finds it hard to walk with the casts. She looses her balance a lot. On Sunday Chiane fell through a glass door, head first, due to balance problems. Chiane was in hospital for a few hours and glass pieces had to be removed from her head. Some cuts were very deep. Luckily Chiane fell backwards through the glass door and not face first. All cuts are in the back of her head. She was in shock for a few hours but by the time that all the glass pieces were removed from her head, she was laughing again. After we got home, we found out that she tried to climb up her rabbit cage, with her casts on! She slipped and that is how she fell backwards through the door.
Due to the accident, we build in some rubber soles for Chiane to help her keep her balance and help the casts grip on to slippery surfaces. She is forbid to climb trees or her rabbit cage with her casts!
We will continue with the casts for another 5 weeks, getting a new set every week, pushing her feet further back with each new set of casts.
Schooling is going very well. We now have Lesley on board. She has been working with children with difficult learning problems for over 20 years. She gave us a lot of advice, and having her around everyday has made a huge difference to Chiane’s schooling. We had to change the way we school Chiane completely and it is working very well with promising results.
As things stand at the moment, we will probably be off to the states in November or December, to continue further treatment in the states. The main focus would be the manupilation of genes.
Chiane is gaining weight, and she is looking much healthier than a month ago.
Thank you for your continues support

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