Update 03/10/12

Good afternoon everybody. I am feeling much better and I am getting more and more energy. I exercise a lot and it helps me feel better. Riding my bicycle, going for long walks, climbing frames etc.

I am not wearing cast for 2 months, and I get a new set every week. I cant walk on my feet, just on my tippy toes. The casts helps to stretch my muscles and after 2 months i should be able to walk flat on my feet again. It is helping me but it is very uncomfortable.

Week 1:
My week 1 casts come off…

Week 2:
Old ones came off and my week 2 casts came in

Week 3:
This was today. The purples once came off and I got these today

I am getting pampered! My first manicure!!! It felt so good! I felt like a princess!

My hair is growing! Dog biscuits really works to help hair grow thick and fast! Hahahahah!

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