Alan Holt rowing a full marathon

Alan Holt rowing a full marathon for Chiane and her brother Estian

Alan completed his full marathon yesterday, well done Alan!
Message from Alan:

I did it, don’t think I want to do it again anytime soon.
I completed the 26 miles (or 41,600 metres) in 3hrs 26m 56secs
A MASSIVE thank you to everyone that turned up to support, and to my 3 wing men that joined me whilst rowing (Damian Packer) Tim Shaw squeezed 20 miles a little to casually for me though.
Chiane Cloete I hope you feel better in the morning daddy told you had a tiring couple of days. We’ll see you I’m sure x

PR Statement from Alan:

I’m rowing 26 miles ( a full marathon) on a rowing machine at Club Kingswood in Basildon on Nov 16th to raise money for Chiane Cloete.
I have been in official training for about 4wks and am making steady progress. I’m up to 15 miles in one session which took 2 hours.
After reaching that that land mark I’ve not been back on as I’m finding it mentally tough to endure the boredom.

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  1. With 4 weeks to go I managed to get back on the rowing machine last night (16/10). My aim was to 10 miles which I acheived in 1 hour 14 minutes.

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