Hi Everybody!!!!!

 The last few months were very busy. I will send a few emails over the next few days.
I went to Disneyland in France a few weeks ago. I really want to thank the the magical taxi tour for an unforgettable weekend at Disney land.
Daddy and Estian stayed at home. Mommy and I went to France with more than a 120 other sick children for a weekend.
The magical taxi tour giving sick children a break from their world of treatment and therapy by going on a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland in a convoy of London Taxi’s. This can only be carried out with the support of Doctors, nurses and Paramedics. We left Friday morning at 5 am from great Ormond street hospital, had breakfast in the Docklands, and left for Disneyland. we crosses the sea to France with a Ferry (a big boat carrying cars) and came back Sunday evening.
Each child is in a taxi with a parent and a convoy of 20 police motorbikes (10 policemen from the UK and 10 policemen from France) escorting the convoy from London to Disneyland stopping all the traffic on route all the way to Disneyland. There was also about 10 police 4×4 vehicles at the front and the back of the convoy. There was 2 AA vans loaded with black can parts in case one broke down, a few ambulances and lots of doctors, nurses and paramedics!
Each taxi driver is allocated to a child and the mother of the child and he becomes more or less your daddy for the weekend taking care of everything and looking after us!
Saturday we had a huge formal ball and I danced so so much!!! At one point I was dancing with 3 taxi drivers at the same time! I really enjoyed the weekend!!!! Thank you so much magical taxi tour for a wonderful and an unforgettable weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You truly went out of your way to make it so special to all the children that were there the weekend!!!!
A big big big thank you to Steve Wright who took care of us for the weekend. He gave up his time for the weekend and use his black cab to drove me and mommy to Disneyland.
Steve, me and The Lord Mayor David of London when we arrived at the Docklands in London for breakfast.


Steve dancing with me at the ball Saturday evening.


Steve and I with Mickey mouse


This was taken when we left Dover on the Ferry to France.


Me with some of the French police men that escorted us.


Me with some of the English policemen that escorted us.



This was on the Ferry. You can see the 2 AA breakdown recovery vans, behind then is some of the paramedic cars and to the left some of the police 4×4 vehicles.



This was at the hotel we stated at in Disneyland. This was all the police vehicles, ambulances and police motor bikes that escorted the convoy from the UK to France.



The below 2 photos shows all the London black cabs. There were so many cabs!


There were 2 rows going all the way down. I’ve never seen so many black cabs in my life!!!!!



Some more photos that was taken on my trip to Disneyland

image  image_1 image_2   image_3 (2) image_3 image_4image_5image_6  image_7image_8image_10

Me and Pluto sticking out our tongues! Hahahah!

image_9     This is Polly. Polly was my Paediatric doctor that supported my medical treatment at my local hospital at Chase Farm Hospital. When ever I wasn’t at Great Ormond street, and I had to go to my my local hospital for Transfusions, Polla was my doctor. Thank you Polly!image_1 (2)

This was some of the kids that went to Disneyland

image (2)

Ailish was my nurse practitioner at Great Ormond Street hospital when I got high Dose Thiotepa. She supported me a lot during my last 2 months in hospital… Thank you Ailish!!!!

image_2 (2)

It was so nice to see my doctors in a different environment and to have fun with my doctors for a change, and forget about cancer!

Mommy and I went on so many rides in Disneypark!

image_5 (2)image_4 (2)

Thank you to all the policemen, and everyone giving up their time to take care of us for the weekend!!!!!

Lots of love.


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