My operation went well!

Hi everyone!

I am back home! My operation went very well today. The “Dacron cuff” is used inside the body close to the heart with the Hickman lines to prevent them from pulling out. Because we have Hickman lines for so long, the tissue sometimes grows around it in the vein, and removing it if the tissue grew all over it is dangerous. Then they leave it inside your body and you have it for life!
Daddy and mommy was worried that my “Dacron cuff” would not come out. It did!!!! Everything came out and the doctors did good! I feel much better. I ate and drank water and I feel a little brushed and soar, but I feel very good.
It is strange not having my wigglies anymore. They were part of me for so long, getting cleaned every week to avoid infections. It will be strange not to feel them.
Zoe was my very first nurse the day I arrived in Gosh a year and a half ago, and she was my nurse today taking care of me on my last formal day at GOSH. Now it’s only scans every 3 months. No more weekly bloods that’s needs doing etc.

Zoe is so kind and friendly, and she gives the best cuddles ever! She use to call me her shadow because I followed her everywhere last year when I had 2 brain operations. >;
This was taken just before I left hospital today, after my operation.

No more Hickman lines! It will take a week for the hole to heal and then I can play rough again with my brother. I was very happy at first….because I can go swimming soon, and take a bath like normal people do. I can’t wait to have a shower!!! But then I got very sad…

I realised my wigglies was helping me get better, protecting me from getting constant injections. They helped me get my medicines, chemo, bloods, and in many ways, it was my lifeline in hospital. I got very sad because I know I will miss them at first, like a tooth I loose. It takes a few days to get use to it.

The hospital took a photo of my wigglies they took out, and I felt better when I read my card with a pic of my wigglies.

Goodbye Max and Ruby, you were literally connected to my heart and you were my silent friend making sure no needles got close to me. I will miss you!

This is a good day. I am sad, but I know the fact that my wigglies came out means I’m heading in the right direction.
Thank you everyone that has been praying for me! Everyday is a beautiful day. I appreciate everyday and enjoy it to its fullest! Last year I didn’t know if I would see another Christmas. Tonight when we left the hospital everyone outside walking past looked like they were in a rush to get home, getting cold and looking grim. I told daddy to stop for a second. We all stood there for a few minutes, closing our eyes feeling the crisp cold wind on our cheeks. Everyone rushed past us in the street, and we just stood there feeling calm, feeling the cold. It felt so good knowing I could feel it…I am alive and I am still here…it’s still early days, and many challenges are ahead of me, but I will stay positive and make the best of each day…cold weather or not!

Lots of love.


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