Chiane’s Diary 31.01.13 Part 2

I am working very hard. I miss my old school, and I miss my school friends!!! I am so determine to go back to school!!!! I am still doing a lot of physio, and I exercise every day!! It’s too cold outside, so I got a mini trampoline inside the house. I exercise every day, I eat all my food, I take all my homeopath medicines, I work very hard at my school work!!!

My hair is slowly growing back, but I do have lots of patches on my head that is still bald and smooth. I got a patchy head!!! Hahahahahah!!!

However!!!!! I can hold 2 hair clips now in my hair!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!

I am so determine to go back to school!!!! My little brother turns 4 in April, which means, he is going to school in September when the new school year starts! My goal is to be ready by September to go back to school, when my little brother starts school!!! I will not stop! I will do what ever it takes, and I will work harder if I have to! Someone has to take care of my little brother when he starts school, show him where the toilettes are, the play rooms. He will have no friends in the beginning!!! I have to look after him and take care of him when he starts!!

I am very motivated and I will stay positive! Thank you everyone who is still helping with donations!!!!!!! Lots and lots and lots of love!!


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