MRI scan on the 7th of May 2013

Good afternoon to you all.

Chiane had a MRI scan on the 7th of May 2013. We had to wait two weeks for the results. Today, we had a meeting at Great Ormond street to discuss the results (21st of May 2013).

I am pleased to say we have good news once again. It’s still all clean. Obviously MRI scans can not pick up “loose floating” cancer cells, only lumps or tumours.

However, it’s all clean. This is very very good news. The part I hate the most, is the waiting period between the MRI scans and getting the results. Everything is going well until Chiane has her MRI scans, then the sleepless nights kicks in and I start to worry. I often find myself staring at the ceiling at 3 am during the night. I struggle to sleep and I constantly walk around thinking about it, until we hear the results… Then I’m all good until the next MRI. It’s something you don’t wish on anyone, to say the least.

Chiane’s immunisations started only at the end of April (and not as scheduled/ planned to start the beginning of March). We are running a little behind schedule but the plan still is for her to start school in September this year.

Schooling still continues as normal at home, with the help and support of specialist visiting us every day at home.

Chiane and Estian’s latest blood results are very good. We have therefore slightly decreased, the amount of homeopathic medicines, they take in on a daily basis. The homeopathic medicines have come down from 36 to 25 a day. Some medicines they will be on for life, but this has become 2nd nature on a daily basis for them.

Obviously, we still continue with organic food only. This is 2nd nature now, and part of our daily life’s for over 2 years. The kids eat no crap or junk food that can hurt the body, everything we make, we make it from scratch in the kitchen, no matter what it is. It is so vital to stop eating food the harms the body and to eat food that is healthy, food that builds up the body.

We still have the air purifiers cleansing the air in the house, we still continue with water purifiers, water alkaline machines, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bathing in special products that kills off anything on their skins that is harmful.

The kids still eats no sugar products, unless its in its natural form like fruits. Fighting cancer is a never ending battle but its not difficult once you get into a routine.

We still go to the park once a week, getting them to exercise on all the different climbing frames. They still jump on the trampoline and Chiane’s energy levels increases slightly, month by month. When she came out of hospital, after treatment, she was so weak, I had to carry her up and down the stairs. She would be flat and tired after walking around in the house for 5 minutes. At this point and time, she can play and run like a “normal child” for an hour and half before she hits a wall. Because of the treatment and brain damage caused by the tumour, Chiane has a slight “disability” in her legs and arms, but it has become a new normal for her. We are teaching her how to adopt and how to work around it.

The most important thing is, she is very happy in herself. She never complains and she always has a smile on her face.

Above all, nothing of this is possible, without mercy from above. We are so grateful and relieved that Chiane is still with us, healthy and cancer free. The All Mighty decided that its not yet the end of her journey, and for that, we are grateful.

Thank you to every one, that has been so supportive, through all this time… for your words of hope, for your prayers, for your time helping with donations and fund raising, for your emails, cards, text messages, flowers, for dropping off food, help around the house, none of this would have been possible, if it wasn’t for every one that supported us, on way or another.

When the immunisations are over, the next step will be gene treatment, then the transition from home schooling to main stream schooling.

Chiane will get her MRI scans every 4 months now, instead of every 3 months. Her next MRI scan will be in September just before she goes back to school, and then end of December/beginning of January 2014.

I will do another update when I have more news regarding the gene treatment.

Kind regards,


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