Chiane’s Diary 24.05.13…

Hi everyone!!!!

I got my MRI results yesterday and my cancer is still gone. I’m so happy that my cancer has not come back!!!!!!!!!

My grandmother came to England to visit me. I haven’t seen her in 3 years and I really missed her so much! It was the best present ever to see my grandmother!!!!!!!

My grandmother, me and my brother when got my grandmother at the airport.

My grandmother was so much fun! She did everything with me and my brother. We played a lot outside and we laughed a lot.

My grandmother and me building a puzzle.

We did lots of arts and crafts work.

My grandmother came with me and sat with me when I had my MRI scan at hospital.

My grandmother loves flowers. My grandmother and me plant flowers and gave them water! I promised my grandmother I will take care of the flowers and water them when they need water.

I really loved working in the garden with my grandmother. We has so much fun!!

Schooling is going well. I do find some things really hard to do, but I do not give up and I will keep on doing something until I get it right.

My hair are growing back. I have patches on my head which have no hair but I am ok with it. I think it looks cool. Hahahahah!

Thank you for everyone for all the presents. I was really spoiled with present from friends and family that my grandmother brought with her. Thank you to everyone still doing fund raising. I still follow everyone on Facebook that are busy with fund raising.

Thank you for everyone still praying for me. I really appreciate all the prayers and love that everyone has shown so unconditionally.

Lots of love
Chiane xxxxxxxxx

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