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Rapunzel’s Royal Tea Party

Hi every one!

I am working so hard at the moment but I am also having fun. I want to thank Great Ormond street hospital and Disney world for making my dream come true.

I was invited to Rapunzel’s royal tea party at Kensington Palace. Kensington palace is where Diana lived. Only a handful of children from all over the world attended this exclusive event which they have won in a Disney competition. I did not enter but was invited to the tea party. It was sooo beautiful! Thank you for my beautiful dress! Thank you Disney world for all the beautiful gifts that was given to me on the day, and for giving me an experience I will always remember. I felt so beautiful and special! I was given a wig with beautiful long blonde hair but I didn’t wear it. I wanted to feel comfortable being myself. Thank you GOSH for arranging for me to go.

The day of my first brain operation I wear my favourite dress to the theatre for my brain operation… My Rapunzel sleeping dress

And I ended my first fight stage against cancer with a Rapunzel tea party.
Getting my face painted

Story time at the palace

Tea time!

Fairy godmother teaching us how to courtesy and great royalty.

Me having some fun

The story teller getting us ready to meet Royalty

Rapunzel arriving with her horse and carriage at the palace

She is so beautiful and I LOVED her long hair!!!!!!!!

Meeting Rapunzel. She courtesied me like I was a princess. I was so excited to see her in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She gave me a big long hug!

We had a long chat, princess to princess and she was soooo super nice to me!!! I still have to master sitting without wrinkling my dress!!! Hahahah it was silky and I had a lot of fun so my dress was wrinkly by the time the princess arrived.

We shared secrets that no one will ever know

Then we posed for some photos

Then we bowed each other.

She looked so beautiful and I enjoyed every second at the palace.

Thank you Disney world!!!!!!!